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5 TikTok Food Trends! From ‘Cloud Bread’ to ‘Pasta Crisps’, which of these crazy food trends would you try?

5 TikTok Food Trends! From ‘Cloud Bread’ to ‘Pasta Crisps’, which of these crazy food trends would you try?

No matter which app you open these days, chances are you’re going to find your screen drowning in some yummy mouth-watering food! Whether it’s the gorgeous food shots on Instagram, the daily meal updates from friends on Snap or the surprising recipe-hacks on TikTok, you just can’t escape netizen’s obsession with food!

And if you live-to-eat just like all of us at Team Gaston, we’re sure you’ve tried every emerging trend on the net right from the notorious Dalgona coffee (we never really managed to crack that froth, sigh!) to the God-level-omnipresent Banana Bread (because who was not making this, right?)

To keep you updated with the latest food-trends doing the rounds on our favourite (read: addictive) app, TikTok, we’ve got together a pretty cool list right from ‘Cloud Bread’ to ‘Pasta Crisps!’


Cloud Bread

Definitely one of the most popular TikTok trends in a while, Cloud Bread is the dreamier version of regular bread. This eye-candy, drop-dead, gorgeous bread has its origins in the 1970s back when the Atkins Diet introduced it on the world stage, as per The Kitchn.

The TikTok version of the popular dish involves using just a handful of ingredients – egg whites, sugar and corn-flour. The gorgeous colours that adorn some cloud breads are a result of artificial food colouring, which is an optional additional ingredient.

This high-protein low-carb bread is a great alternative for those on Keto diet or watching their weight – as long as both groups eliminate sugar from the recipe or replace it with healthier alternatives like Monkfruit.


Grated Egg Avocado Toast

This is such a phenomenally interesting trend because it straight up serves eggs in a way we’ve never experienced before – Grated hard-boiled eggs!

Grated very much like you’d grate cheese, these eggs are spread evenly over avocado toast. The texture the dish acquires due to the evenly spread out ratio of yolk to egg-whites is quite unbelievable! We’ve been having eggs for centuries… Why has no-one thought of this earlier?!

Courtney’s Sweets quite correctly termed the innovative Grated Egg Avocado Toast as a complete breakfast in itself. On a side-note, the dish is delicious and Gaston-approved to add to your must-try list!


Healthy Coke

Another thing that’s as addictive as TikTok is none other than our arch nemesis, sugar. To address the problem of over-indulgence in both sugar and carbonated water, a creator on TikTok introduced a healthier version of Coke that she picked up from her Pilates instructor.

The trend caught on purely due to the ease of making it as it just needs two ingredients – Sparkling Water and Balsamic Vinegar! This got us really curious but we’re also borderline weirded out by the combination so we’re going to hold off for a bit before we try this trend.

People who tried this trend were divided about the taste with some remarking that it tasted nowhere like Coke whereas many were amazed to have found a simple and healthy alternative to their favourite sugar-laden drink!



Custard Toast

If you’ve got a sweet-tooth, you’re going to love this trend. Custard Toast is basically an internet-approved excuse to have dessert for breakfast.

The best part is that even though it’s got custard right there in its name, there’s no refined sugar, cream or butter in this recipe.

This dish involves mixing eggs with greek yoghurt and honey (or maple syrup) and then layering the concoction in a holed out portion of bread.

Yummy toppings like blueberries or strawberries are added and the bread is then placed in either an oven or air-fryer till the final dish takes shape.


Pasta Crisps

Definitely the latest addition to our all-time-favourite snacks list. Pasta crisps are riding the wave of popularity on TikTok because they’re so… so… yum! Just like the genius who decided to bake bread a second time and consequently gave the world ‘toast,’ Emily Chan (@bostonfoodgram – widely credited to have introduced this dish) also rose to culinary-immortality when she decided to air-fry already-cooked pasta after coating it in olive oil, parmesan cheese, and condiments.

When cooked with healthy pasta that’s gluten-free and high-protein, Pasta crisps are a much healthier alternative to regular crisps. Paired with a suitable dip, pasta crisps are the perfect appetiser or sporting-event snack!

There you go! Get your shopping bags out to go shop for the ingredients of these five stellar TikTok food trends. The creativity and ingenuity of the culinary world on TikTok always manages to leave us in awe!

If any of your experiments with the dishes above don’t end up well, feel free to use Gaston to order your favourite meals from your nearest restaurants and eateries. Gaston is your go-to partner to get your preferred meals as per your dietary needs and requirements.


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