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For food lovers

After downloading our FREE app, you can set-up your dietary profile in a few easy steps in less than 2 minutes. Tell us what food you like but more importantly, tell us what food you want to avoid.

We are currently working very hard to get our nutritional profile feature live soon. You will receive this upgrade for free which allows you to start developing your lifestyle goals – e.g. “I want to sleep better”.

Yes. As soon as we complete our Beta test, our next update will include an option for you to add your family members into your profile. This simplifies the process when you are ordering a takeaway or booking a restaurant for a dining-in experience.

No. You don’t need to register or create an account with us when you want to order a takeaway. However, creating your account enables us to match food options we present to you based on dietary and nutritional requirements.

Yes. You can reserve a table to dine-out at your favourite restaurant using GASTON. The feature has been currently disabled due to Coronavirus restrictions.

Yea and yes! We have made all modes of payments (i.e. ApplePay, Google Play, Credit/Debit Cards) available for your convenience. You cannot tip during our Beta-trial period, but once we launch an updated version of our app, you will.

Our artificial intelligence model connects you to the restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, stores near you for all your dietary needs and preferences (food allergies, food intolerances, religious habits, vegan choice, flexitarian diet, and for ones who switch their diets now and then).

We have diverse food outlets on board to cater to all your moods, diets, and choices ranging from restaurants, coffee houses, bakeries, stores, and outlets providing meal kits.

Gaston empowers you to make informed choices based on your choice of diet and mood. You can pre-order for your dine-in, book a table at your preferred outlet, order a meal-kit for the chef in you, or just order in.

No, not all the restaurants around you cater to special diets, allergies and intolerances. However, many chain businesses have become more enterprising by avoiding cross-contaminations in their kitchen and educating their team with food allergy training programs.

No, once you create your dietary profile, our app will display food choices based on your preferences without having to remind us about your special needs every time you’re placing your order.

Yes, you can add a home guest to your profile when ordering on the app, but nothing collides with your account. After receiving your first order, the guest profile automatically gets removed from your profile. But this feature comes as soon as we complete our Beta test.

Gaston connects the dinners to the restaurants, cafe shops, bakeries, and meal kit providers to find customised options near you. Go on, order and receive happiness from our food delivery partners.

Meal kits are a convenient alternative to grocery shopping that takes out guesstimates from meal planning. Meal kits come with pre-measured ingredients and a step-by-step instruction manual so that home cooking becomes easy and restaurant-worthy at the convenience of your kitchen.

We provide fresh fruits, veggies, hearty grains, meatless proteins, meat, and spices at Gaston. Go on, satiate your taste buds!

  • Build your profile
  • Set up your guest’s dietary profile and add it to your account, or you can directly include their profile with yours if they already have an account with Gaston.
  • Get personalised meal options separately according to your preferences.
  • Place the order and enjoy an exclusive dining experience.

You can set up your dietary profile in our online food delivery app and tell us what foods you like, what foods you want to avoid, and any lifestyle goals you have. Gaston will present options of foods of your mood and diet, be it for dine in or delivery.

For Partners

Your customers can order your delicious food using GASTON app. The app is extremely simple to us and allows them to either order takeaways, book tables for dining-in and pre-order their meals.
With GASTON, your customers now have more ways to interact with you. GASTON also allows them to order items from your ‘Secret Sauces’ menu which helps you create a new revenue stream.

Yes. With GASTON, your customers can simple order using their own smartphone devices. No hassle! When they do, you don’t even need to worry about taking payments, splitting bills, etc. our app takes care of all that.

Our service costs a flat 8% commission per order. Plain and simple!

Our charges include any credit card processing fees.

We enable delivery for restaurants that use their own delivery drivers. We can help create a tiered pricing structure based on distance and block delivery from clients outside of your area of operation.

No. Currently not. However, we are building integration modules that will allow GASTON orders to come directly into your existing POS systems.

Yes. GASTON platform is easy to use. During our onboarding, we will show you how easily you can manage your menu and much more on our platform In just a steps. You can simply turn dishes on/off using your terminal (or dashboard), change menu items, their descriptions and prices however you like.

You can personalise almost everything. Should you need any help, we are always there and available to help you out. The restaurant app and platform are designed with simplicity in mind.

Health conscious modern diners want transparent and balanced choice of menu. GASTON simplifies your menu listing focussing on common allergies, diets and intolerances to make is as simple as possible for customers who are looking for specific food to easily find your exclusive menu.

When you are ready to sign-up, submit your details using our online form on https://gogaston.typeform.com/signup. Our support team will be in touch with you to get your restaurant set-up in 48 hours.

We provide GASTON Hygiene Scores to all our partner restaurants using our comprehensive audit.

Diners are 10 times more likely to visit or order takeaways from your restaurants with higher scores. Tell your customers that you are the best of the best with our COVID compliance ratings.

We donate 5% of our annual sales into the Gaston Green Fund and invests into ClimateTech, GreenTech and other Sustainability initiatives. We also help our Partner Businesses with range of our advisory support including solutions they can deploy to go Carbon neutral.

We are aware that 90% of our users want their food served to them sustainably. We are the only fully integrated online food ordering solution provider helping our Partner Businesses go fully Carbon neutral.

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