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Unlock new revenue streams, while showcasing an inclusive approach!


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Increase Revenues

With lower commissions and delivery costs, Gaston also offers you the choice of adding to your existing revenue streams. Go on, woo your customers and grow your business to another level.

Manage Smart

Take full control of your business performance with our intelligent customer insights and Al driven predictive models

Get fully Compliant

We set-up your menu based on ingredients, so you don't have to! When ordering with Gaston, customers save an average 30% of their time, thanks to our Al driven menu matching.

Why join Gaston


We get it! You want to deliver your awesome meals to your customers fast.

Now imagine a world where you understand EXACTLY what your customers can eat based on their dietary, nutritional and lifestyle requirements.

Gaston runs on Artificial Intelligent technology that brings tons of user analytics to you. We help you to get ahead in the game and build the awesome dining experience for your customers so that they NEVER want to go away from you!

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How it Works


Sign-up in a simple few steps. One of our consultant will guide you throughout the onboarding journey.

Set-up Fast

We use Artificial Intelligence for a fast set-up. Our team of nutritionists will validate your information and (re)build your menu making it allergen compliant.

Start Selling

Start taking orders on choice of your devices - handheld, tablet or laptop! Deliver exclusive experience to your customers with Gaston.

Let us help you rebuild your menu for Allergen compliance

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Sell & Grow with Gaston

Join the most intuitive online food ordering app yet!

Reach new customers and turn them into regulars.

Increase Sales
Earn money even when your customers are not dining-in or ordering takeaways.

Lower your commission fees
Keep more of your earnings in your pockets.

Intolerance and Allergen aware menus
Get started with confidence with our Al tool to setup your business on Gaston. We setup your business so you dont have to.

Monetise your secret sauces
Sell Mealkits with recipes for your popular dishes to customers.

Reopen with Confidence with COVID compliance rating
Showcase your post-COVID readiness with Gaston Hygiene scores.

Sell to an audience who enjoy cooking and would love to expand on their culinary skills within the comforts of their own homes. Whether it’s an easy dish or a challenging one, Mealkits will excite customers who want to add that little personal touch to their food or who simply prefer eating home cooked meals.
Explore New Revenue Streams with a completely new audience as Gaston amplifies your local presence and displays your willingness to sell foods of mood to the home chefs around.

From Moroccan spices, Indian curry pastes to Asian sauces, flavours from all around the world satisfy more than our taste buds. They testify to a legacy and at Gaston we encourage our customers to be a preferred spice seller to the local audience around you.

Go beyond Mealkits and provide spices and ingredients to the homes around you. From the smallest to the biggest orders, develop loyalty among a new audience.

Gaston expands your visibility to local audiences, whether you’re selling to consumers or businesses. Explore new avenues and grow your business with ease and passion. Use the same resources to garner in more value, while you rope in more loyalty.

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Count the gains with Gaston

Wow your audience with newer offerings, while gaining new customers and wait, the gains you make with cost optimisations and added revenue will only make your smile bigger!

Unlock new revenue streams for your food business

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Showcase Inclusiveness. Unlock New Revenue.

Gaston simplifies your menu listing focusing on common allergies, diets and intolerances to make it as simple as possible for customers looking for specific food to easily find your exclusive menu.

Food Allergies

Users can exclude allergens from the menu.


Users can make informed food choices.

Foods for moods

From flexitarians to moods, users choose.

Special diets

Cater to health conditions and fitness goals.

When ordering with Gaston, diners save on average 30% of their time thanks to our Artificial Intelligence driven menu matching.

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Don't just take our word for it

Yes, food Businesses love us!

More and more restaurants, Bars, Meal kit providers, Cafes and Delis are switching to a new way of serving food, while ensuring inclusiveness.

My guests are happy!
Catering to a wider audience and choice of diets has been an eye opener for business. The revenue is on the rise!

Shivam Jadoun

My Meal kits business is growing among a new local audience. Thanks, Gaston!

Riberto Whitestreet

After adding Gaston, I am getting more families with diet choices and individuals with food allergies. Now, its easier to cater to such an audience.

Lily Rhodes

As a Chef, I am able to deliver meal recipes and ingredients to my fan base of customers.

Chef Erica Gusto

The commissions are low. So, the margins are better with Gaston. Thank you

Antonio Marez

I am now able to cater to a new audience. My staff find it easier to answer questions on ingredients.

Michael Reddington

Cat believe, no one taped into this before. Good work, Gaston,

Esha Lingwood

Yes, it's not been long since we started.

But our numbers give us the confidence that we are doing the right things!

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Cities in UK & Italy
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Partner Business
17000 +
Meal Choices

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Set up a free consultation with us to see how Gaston can help you transform how you interact with your customers.

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Gaston supports online ordering and in-restaurant pickup during COVID-19 restrictions. Keeping our communities safe is our top priority. We collect data about food allergens as well as detailed ingredients from restaurants to provide you meal options based on your dietary profiles. This app and our algorithms do not constitute medical advice and should not serve as the basis for any medical decision by you or anyone else. Always seek professional advice from your doctor or dietitian for any questions you may have. We always recommend you ask about allergy information at the restaurant before consuming any product.

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