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Looking for a Special Diet?

We know, when you are vegan / vegetarian / have food allergies and intolerances / religion based diets / medical condition based diets / flexible-diets driven by healthier lifestyle diets, you are worried about the authenticity of the foods served to you. For some, it becomes a matter of life and death!

NOT ANYMORE! Let's delight your dining experiences!

Food Allergies & Intolerance

Input Unwanted Ingredients & our AI does the rest

Ingredients of choices

Get your choice of ingredients & spices


Get more choices within a meat-free diet

Meal Choices for Vegans

Explore diets devoid of all animal products

Diets for Fitness

Our food options can cater to your fitness goals

Diets for health

Find food choices for your health conditions

Religion Based Diets

Save yourself from guilt of mistaken consumption

Be the Flexitarian

Eat the food that suits your mood

Gaston is a multi-award winning mobile app that builds a fully inclusive dining experience for everyone. Eat the food you want and that your body needs. Let our intelligent Al model guide you to YOUR food choices.

Enter a World of Food Choices

Our AI platform allows you to view foods based on diet choices and allergies for yourself, guests and get-togethers for a range of dining options including eating in, dine-in, takeaways, pre-orders & deliveries.

Sign up/ Login

Enter a world of inclusiveness in food

Customise your profile

Input your diet choices or allergies

Explore Meal options

Our AI platforms segregates choices for you

Order as per convenience

Dine-in reservations, Pre-orders, or Deliveries

Connect/ add another Gaston user

Add guest profiles for a single use/ order

Benefit each time you order

Save with discounts and loyalty offers on Gaston

Yes, it's a party and EVERYONE is INVITED.

No more exclusions or feeling left out based on your diet choices or allergies.

The AI platform within the Gaston App browses through each ingredient within the dishes and shows you choices based on your profile inputs. Now eat in peace. And more importantly, let's not leave anyone behind. Go Gaston!

Dine at Home

Deliveries & Takeaways

Feed Me

Dine Out Options

Reservations & Pre Orders

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Be the chef

Popular Meal Kits curated

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Get together & events

Curate Diet choices

What's your mood today?

Explore Dine-Ins, Takeaways, Deliveries & Pre Orders


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Yes, it's not been long since we started.

But our numbers give us the confidence that we are doing the right things!

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Meal Choices

Discover the food you love!


Yes, food lovers
love us!

We are humbled by the love showered on us by From Diners, Home Chefs, Event hosts, Homemakers, Ingredient Shoppers and even Takeaway Ninjas!

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I often order Meal Kits and cook delicacies at home. Yes, the Chef in me is happy.

Shivam Jadoun

Thank you Gaston. Now I can dine even with my allergy to nuts.

Prabal Pratap

I often order Meal Kits and cook delicacies at home. Yes, the Chef in me is happy.

Jagdeep Singh

I often order Meal Kits and cook delicacies at home. Yes, the Chef in me is happy.

Ben Duckett

Wow, even with some guests having allergies, choosing food for my home get together was so easy with Gaston.

Priyanshu Dubey

This app is wonderful idea. I suffer from food allergy and love vegan food. I feel much safer now to go dining out with my family, friends and work colleagues.

Dr. Tonio Moro

Being Lactose intolerant was hard, especially when looking for food choices. It's all easy now!


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Gaston supports online ordering and in-restaurant pickup during COVID-19 restrictions. Keeping our communities safe is our top priority. We collect data about food allergens as well as detailed ingredients from restaurants to provide you meal options based on your dietary profiles. This app and our algorithms do not constitute medical advice and should not serve as the basis for any medical decision by you or anyone else. Always seek professional advice from your doctor or dietitian for any questions you may have. We always recommend you ask about allergy information at the restaurant before consuming any product.

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