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Tips For Transitioning To A Plant Based Diet

Tips For Transitioning To A Plant Based Diet

Heard about plant-based diet? Do you think it’s a fad? The short answer is NO. Plant-based diet is basically all the food that directly comes from plant-based sources. There is huge mental shift in the way people are thinking about what is coming on their plate, a lot of myths are being busted about getting proteins and relevant nutrition from animal products and that has led to a global movement favoring plant-based diets.

More and more people are becoming cautious of their choices, some because of ethical reasons as they don’t want to kill animals for their food, while others have started to dig in ancient wisdom, how nature has given plenty of fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and cereals to take care of oneself.

The plant-based movement has caught attention ever since celebrities including sports people have switched their diets. Movies like The Game Changers, and a plethora of short documentaries educating about the benefits of a plant-based diet have been attracting a lot of eyeballs.

If the article has caught your attention and you too are thinking about how you can make plant-based diet part of your daily routine, here are some tips for you:

  • Include more veggies and fruits in your everyday diet.
  • Switch to plant-based fats that come from nuts, seeds and vegetables.
  • Look for a substitute for traditional milk such as oat, soy, rice and coconut milk.
  • Including grains, cereals and millets in your meals.
  • Salads could be a good alternative for your regular meals.
  • Snacking on nuts and seeds such as almonds, cashews, sunflowers seeds can provide you with good sources of omega fats.
  • Mock meat made of soy could also be an option for those missing the feel of meat.
  • Desserts made with milk, butter and ghee can be replaced by fruits or other alternatives of milk and fat.

The world is becoming more supportive for the people switching to plant-based diets. Pretty much, all the restaurants, at home and internationally have started to serve at least one or two dishes that don’t involve any animal products. A lot of packed food also has clear labeling of any animal products that it may have.


To add to the glory, plant-based diets have been found to have a more profound effect on human health, especially those suffering from heart disease, blood pressure and obesity. A lot of bacterial and viral infections that pass from animals to humans can be avoided by including foods provided by nature.Plant-based diets would soon become a norm and it would just get easier to find options to suit people’s needs. The benefit of such a diet is not just for human health but also for the environment.


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