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Boo! 5 Spooky Recipes For Halloween!

Boo! 5 Spooky Recipes For Halloween!

It’s time to get those Jack-O-Lanterns and Itsy-Bitsy Spiders out again because 31st October is almost here! As the night of spooks and scares approaches, we thought we’d help you strike terror into your plate – with some unique Halloween-themed food recipes!


5 Recipes That Are Sure To Make Heads Turn (Or… Necks Break?)

These delicious and festive dishes are striking and bursting with flavours! If you’re throwing a Halloween party, these Insta-worthy dishes will have your get-together trending in no time!


1. The Gloriously Ghoulish Red Velvet Cake

This bloody red and spine-chillingly delicious cake is the perfect centerpiece for any Halloween meal or party. Fluffy, creamy and baked to perfection, this cake oozes yumminess in equal amounts as the ‘blood’ it oozes on being cut!


While it does take a while to prepare this disturbingly-delectable-dessert, it’s really worth every minute of your time. Trust us, your family and guests will be going ga-ga over this one!





2. The Mummy Brie

The Mummy Brie is an extremely easy dish to prepare. You just need some puff pastry, some brie, a handful of other ingredients, some creativity and… voila!


You can never really go wrong with cheese. With the puff baked to perfection, this is the ideal spooky treat for your guests to snack on! Go ahead and give The Mummy Brie a shot, mummy will definitely be proud!






3. Vegan Halloween Pudding Cupcakes

This vegan recipe is an absolute breeze to make and tastes so so so good! With some cute, little pumpkins and mini tombstones, these pudding cups are just somewhere bang in the middle of the spooky-adorable spectrum!

This plant-based and dairy-free recipe ensures that you don’t have to compromise on your vegan diet for the holiday season or miss out on any tasty meals!







4. Halloween Nachos – 7 Layer Dip

This recipe is quick to put together and also uses ingredients that are handy in your kitchen. The 7 layer dip is usually a hit appetiser at any get-together. Paired with crunchy tortilla chips or nachos, the dip has enough texture and variety in taste to appeal to a wide range of taste buds.


If you’re having friends or family over this Halloween, we insist you have this dish on the table. The goodness of refried beans and perfectly smooth guacamole is definitely going to lead to some very happy guests!





5. Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Pies

These awesome-looking pumpkin pies are a splendid addition to any spread. While the pumpkin pies are easy to make, the real skill here is in crafting out the faces for the top of the pie. With a wee bit of practice though, we’re sure you’ll be able to nail this.


These pies look fantastic (and taste even more fantastic!) and we absolutely assure you, they’re worth the effort!





Let us know if you give any of the recipes mentioned above a crack this Halloween! While we usually tend to focus on the decor of the house, a few well-decorated plates in line with the festive theme will certainly add to the glitz and glam (we mean: spooks and scares) of your get-together!

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