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5 Plant Based Food Recipes For The Perfect Christmas Dinner

5 Plant Based Food Recipes For The Perfect Christmas Dinner

Christmas, the most magical time of the year, is almost here! We all love Christmas for the time we get to spend with our families and loved ones… but we also love the holidays for another essential reason – the licence to indulge in our favourite foods!

If you’re vegan, you don’t have to miss out on any of the Christmas delicacies that traditionally use animal products in them. We’ve got some amazing recipes for you to ensure that you stay the course of your vegan diet while also indulging in some yummy-licious foods!


Celebrate A Cruelty-Free Christmas!


‘But what do Vegans even eat during Christmas?’ – if you’re used to hearing this question every time the holidays come around, you’re in good company. Christmas is not just about ham or turkey, it’s a season for coming together with your loved ones and celebrating the holidays with one another, regardless of your food choices.

If you’re cooking a Christmas Dinner this year, we’ve got some interesting food options for you to keep Christmas compassionate!


1. Vegan Meatballs & Gravy


Yes, we get the irony here… Is this dish vegan? Yes! Because the ‘meatballs’ are vegan! The meatballs used in this recipe are made from chickpeas, veggies, and flour.

This delicious dish ensures you get your fix of protein while the cosy and aromatic gravy transports you to Christmas Heaven (which is just regular Heaven – with a gazillion reindeer prancing around). You can get the vegan meatballs and gravy recipe here.



2. Vegan Mac & Cheese


Yes, okay, we see you judging us. But hold on… This cheese is *drumroll please* Vegan!! But this is where it gets interesting and we won’t blame you for judging us – the secret ingredient in this dish that really gives a kick to the cheese and brings out some ‘zing’ is Sauerkraut!!

Yes, you read that right! But trust us (because we are a food-app, we are foodie-certified), the addition of the sauerkraut makes for some of the tangiest and tastiest cheese-sauces you’ve ever had. Bake it to perfection, and this Vegan Mac n Cheese may well become your staple dinner till next Christmas rolls in! You can get the vegan mac and cheese recipe here.


3. Festive Vegan Vegetable Pie


This gorgeous-looking dish will definitely steal the limelight at your Christmas dinner. It’s so so so good to look at, people will almost shudder to cut it and scar its beauty. Bonus – You don’t need to invest in a centrepiece for the dinner table, because his beautiful dish is all you need!

This delectable dish tastes even better than it looks. It’s incredibly healthy,  thanks to all the sauteed vegetables and it smells heavenly with its rosemary-roasted potatoes, garlic mushrooms and peppers! You’re welcome! You can get the festive vegan vegetable pie recipe here.


4. Vegan Hummus Platter


This incredibly colourful and nutritious hummus platter is the ultimate party-starter! (See what we did there?)

This platter is bursting with flavours and textures and you can modify it to suit or provide for any dietary restrictions. It’s an incredible way to start your Christmas dinner! Who can say no to a spirited and lively dish that reflects the joyousness of the season in every bite! Get your nice-est wooden board out and start assembling this gorgeous platter! You can get the vegan hummus plater recipe here.


5. Vegan Mushroom Pot Pie


This is the cosiest dish we’ve come across! This steaming hot pot pie has an amazing velvety gravy that envelopes around perfectly-cooked mushrooms. A flaky and crispy crust on the top completes this masterful dish that’s a perfect stand-in to the meat pot pies that usually adorn Christmas dinner tables.

This delicious dish is full of flavours and is extremely healthy thanks to the generous serving of veggies along with the mushrooms. If mushrooms are your jam, you cannot miss this mouth-watering dish! You can get the vegan mushroom pot pie recipe here.


We loved putting up this list of Vegan Christmas Recipes. It’s great that vegan food options allow us to celebrate this wonderful holiday in a cruelty-free manner! If you come across any interesting Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes, do send them out to us! We’d love to do a ‘Part 2’ version of this blog for our lovely vegan community!

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