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7 Warming Winter Breakfast Ideas

7 Warming Winter Breakfast Ideas

Winter is coming! Let’s face it – getting out of bed in winter is terriblyyyy difficult! Getting out of your snuggly and cosy blanket in this cold weather and starting your morning is the real ‘Mission Impossible.’ Tom Cruise agrees.

So what could possibly get us to jump out of bed like a tightly wound spring let loose? A heart-warming & delicious breakfast of course!


7 Warming Winter Breakfast Recipes That Will Brighten Up Your Mornings!


If there’s one thing that can bring light and joy to the upcoming dark mornings, it’s food!! We’ve put together a list of 7 drop-dead-delicious winter breakfast ideas that will have your entire family rushing to the dining table instead of snoozing the alarm clock 17 times each morning!


1. Avocado, Artichoke & Bush Tomato Chutney Toasts


This breakfast recipe is a dee-li-shi-yuss twist on the classic avocado toast. The Australian influence of the chutney packs a punch of flavour in every bite that makes it difficult to not overindulge in this breakfast dish.

The sharp hints of the chutney along with the nuanced flavours of avocado and artichoke make this a perfectly balanced breakfast – both in terms of taste as well as nutrients! You can find the avocado, artichoke & bush tomato chutney toasts recipe here.



2. Gingerbread Oats


Winter brings with it the familiar smell of gingerbread and no winter is complete without indulging in some gingerbread cookies. We thought we’d give you a healthier alternative this time – gingerbread oats!

Oats are bursting with essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs. They contain an impressive amount of proteins and are incredibly filling. Adding gingerbread to the mix along with some cinnamon, vanilla protein powder and maple syrup gives you the perfect recipe for a healthy and tasty breakfast. You can find the gingerbread oats recipe here.


3. Vegan Banana Pancakes


These pancakes are fluffy, light and have perfectly crispy edges! You’d never guess that they are dairy-free and plant-based!

This recipe of vegan banana pancakes guarantees light-textured & fluffy pancakes that make your entire house smell heavenly! These cloud-like pancakes are delicious and effortlessly melt in your mouth! We are drooling for some pancakes already… Definitely trying these gorgeous-looking pancakes for breakfast (and lunch too) tomorrow!

You can find the vegan banana pancakes recipe here.


4. Waffle Monte Cristos


Waffle Monte Cristos represent the perfect marriage of sweet and savoury. This sandwich, with waffles instead of bread on either side, holds a range of flavours and tastes that will get all your taste buds tingling in the morning!

The savoury notes of the ham, turkey and bacon perfectly balance the sweeter hints of the apricot preserves and the waffles – all held together by the subtle flavours of Havarti cheese! This is one amazing breakfast treat that you must not miss out on this winter! You can find the waffle monte cristos recipe here.


5. Hearty Breakfast Skillet


This vegetarian recipe ensures you start your morning on the right foot when it comes to taste and nutrients. The recipe includes eggs, cheese, salsa and yummy hash browns covered in spices and herbs that bring out a beautiful medley of flavours and aromas.

The breakfast skillet can be personalised as per your taste and you can add your favourite ingredients to the mix as you wish! This recipe goes well with a side of bread or salad.

You can find the hearty breakfast skillet recipe here.


6. Brunch Hash & Egg Bake


This is an amazing recipe when you’re cooking for multiple people or when you’ve planned a brunch. The recipe involves boiling some potatoes and then baking them with a sausage mixture and eggs.

Top the dish off with some delicious feta and parsley and watch how this easy-baked dish quickly turns into a family favourite!

You can find the brunch hash & egg bake recipe here.



7. Vegan Breakfast Burritos


There’s nothing more therapeutic than biting into a fully-loaded burrito. This burrito is plant-based and dairy-free and bursting with flavours.

The recipe uses an incredibly tasty tofu scramble, roasted potatoes, beans, veggies, kale and vegan cheese. Packed with proteins and enriched with loads of vitamins and micronutrients, this burrito will ensure you get your daily dose of nutrition each morning!

You can find the vegan breakfast burritos recipe here.


Thanks for reading. We’re off to bed early tonight since we’ve got to prep for 7 whole breakfasts tomorrow morning (yes, the folks here at Gaston are big foodies – we want to try them all!!!)

Send us yummy pictures whenever you try your hand at the recipes mentioned above. And if you wake up craving breakfast in bed, whip out your phone and order some delicious breakfast from Gaston.

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