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4 Things People With Food Allergies Have to Deal With Every Day

4 Things People With Food Allergies Have to Deal With Every Day

Dry. Bland. Boring. Is this what pops up in your head every time you’re hungry? And your daily routine of eating outside, attending parties, or simply taking small meals in between your work is a big task to pull off? Can’t be more honest but living with food allergies is a bumpy ride! An instant chill-out plan becomes a nightmare for those who don’t get many choices in their taste of having meals (And this fact is not understood by the larger crowd, duh!). It’s quite a common sight when you need to sit down and repeat the same instructions every time to the chef or your circle about your preferences. As maddening as it can be, it clarifies that you can’t bank on anyone else to take care of your meals.

Though food allergies bring discipline and somewhat a healthier lifestyle, it isn’t easy to live with a casual and carefree mind, specially with the thought of getting stuck anytime with limited choice everywhere. So here’s what a day with a food-allergic soul looks like!

Scroll down to learn a few convenient ways to consider your regime. You never know, but maybe tomorrow, you can save someone’s bacon. Whatever floats your boat, it will be useful, nevertheless. Let’s dive in!

Cleanliness-drive whenever and wherever possible.

Your atmosphere, be it a desk, table, chair, bed, anywhere you are, reminds you to start your business with a wipe. It’s not a bad idea, to begin with, but more like a ritual for people in the food allergic community. Pollutants like mulish dust particles or peanut residues can be quite stressful to handle sticking to random surfaces. Also, don’t forget to carry personal cleansing wipes because sanitisers won’t be effective enough to wipe off all the allergens and dust from your hand (Caution everywhere, you see!).

Travel-heavy: Carry as much as you can!

You have seen people switching from heavy travelling to light-travel rules in life, but, hey, welcome to the food allergic community! You surely don’t want to end up in situations where you are starving with a nice chunk of change in your pocket, or do you? Try carrying your all-time mystery box packed with safe snacks and hygiene products everywhere.

Can’t resist ‘deep conversations’ from food service workers to kitchen staff.

Talking with food service workers, hosts, and chefs can be overtaxing most of the time. On occasions where you can’t help but blame your stars, you may have to leave that place without ordering anything or after a huge argument with the staff. The best possible way to ensure a safe-happy time is to be crystal clear with your servings and preference beforehand, along with a no-contamination declaration.

Read and re-read the ingredient list and food-warning labels.

The ingredients list can change anytime. Maybe the next time you visit that place, they have already made a few changes here and there or maybe because few ingredients are short, they have added a few others that may turn out to be your ‘big no’.

In the same manner, food warning labels may vary; for instance, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Nuggets have a “manufactured on the same equipment that processes almonds” warning, whereas the 1.55-oz. Hershey Milk Chocolate Bar does not.

That pretty much winds up the list of habits to help you craft insanely safe lifestyle strategies. Holler at us if you found this write-up beneficial.
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