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5 Kosher Restaurants In London You Cannot Miss!

5 Kosher Restaurants In London You Cannot Miss!

The Jewish Holiday of Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) has been celebrated for over a thousand years. Rosh Hashanah marks the beginning of the Jewish High Holy Days and the festival involves offering prayers, allocating time for reflection, spending time with family and friends and indulging in symbolic foods.


To celebrate the festivities, Team Gaston has compiled a list of 5 unmissable, must-try kosher restaurants in London!


1. Hummus Bar, Golders Green & Hendon

The Hummus Bar is a popular restaurant for Kosher food. This Israeli inspired restaurant serves delicious dishes and drinks with amazing varieties of hummus!

The Hummus bar was established in January 2016. The eatery was born due to local demand for high quality Kosher food. Hummus Bar uses no preservatives, powders or frozen foods. All food is prepared fresh with a focus on distinct and different flavours. Its signature dishes are the Jaffa Burger, the Salt Beef Hummus & the Double Decker Burger.

The place is Kosher certified and absolutely worth the trip! We highly recommend booking a table before you head to the Hummus Bar!


2. White Fish, Hendon

White Fish, as the name suggests is a Kosher restaurant that specialises in sea-food. The eatery serves excellent classic and pan-asian sea-food dishes.

White Fish is a family restaurant which was started by Ronne & Jacques after almost 40 years in the fashion industry. With no experience in the hospitality industry, they embarked on the challenge of opening their first eatery with the sole aim of providing a warm and welcoming environment to their community.

Today, the White Fish is one of the most popular restaurants to head to for Kosher sea-food and for their radiant hospitality.


3. The Kitchen, Edgware

Burgers have traditionally had a difficult time surviving in the Kosher food scene due to the Jewish restriction of serving meat and cheese together. Bacon, another popular ingredient in burgers, is also restricted.

The Kitchen shot to popularity due to its amazing succulent Kosher burgers which combine fakon (that’s their fake bacon made with turkey) along with dairy-free cheese! The Kitchen also serves delicious sushis and pan-asian cuisines which makes this place an absolute must-visit!


4. Pita, Golders Green

Pita is an outstanding place in North-West London for Kosher food. Time-Out London awarded them the award for the “Best Falafels” in London! Pita whips up delicious Middle Easten Cuisine which will have you licking your fingers!

Pita has an array of delectable starters and flavourful fillings. Pita has a lot of vegan options as well if you are on a plant-based diet. Their hummus bowls ooze flavour and taste and are served with either white or whole-wheat Pitabreads.

Make your way to Pita at the earliest and indulge your senses in some mouthwatering falafels, kebabs and shawarmas!


5. Tish Bar, Belsize Park

Tish Bar is a contemporary restaurant set in Belsize Park, London. It offers traditional European family favourites in a gorgeous dining room, bar and terrace that has been carefully curated to create an environment as authentic as the food.

The place is the manifestation of owner David S. Levin’s penchant for authentic cooking and beautiful settings. We urge you to not miss this high-end restaurant and its spectacular interiors. Their terrace is an excellent place to enjoy cocktails and appetisers.

Just compiling this list has got us hungry for some yummy, authentic Kosher food! What better way to celebrate the Jewish New Year than indulge in these delicacies! Make your way to our favourites mentioned above and do write to us about your experiences!

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