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Team Gaston’s Favourite Vegan Restaurants In London!

Team Gaston’s Favourite Vegan Restaurants In London!

A vegan diet offers innumerable health benefits and keeps a number of chronic ailments at bay. The diet involves zero usage of animal products and given its cruelty-free nature, it is the most ethical diet lifestyle one can adopt today. And in addition to this, the diet is extremely beneficial for the climate as it helps substantially reduce emissions.

Informed citizens who are aware about the role their choices play in the world are flocking to this lifestyle which promotes a healthy world, where both humans and animals can co-exist in a sustainably preserved world.


World-class Vegan restaurants have sprung up all across the planet and the options available in London are no less. In fact, as per most of our Vegan members here at Team Gaston, these are bound to be some of the best meals of your life!

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite vegan restaurants that you just-cannot-miss if you’re vegan! Infact, even if you’re not vegan, we implore you to check out these spots and we’re pretty sure they’ll go a long way in nudging you in the direction of the Vegan community for good!



Facing Heaven, Hackney

This renewed spot of Chef-founder Julian Denis’ in place of his earlier eatery Mao Chow is a stunning example of the creativity and freshness one can bring to vegan food.

The Vegan Chinese joint offers a spectacular array of Sichuan-heavy dishes right from spicy cocktails to intense curries. Facing Heaven has got a delightful order-in-chaos vibe that we love. You must absolutely give this retro-cool joint a visit!


Wulf & Lamb, Marylebone and Chelsea

Wulf & Lamb has two locations in London – Marylebone and Chelsea. Wulf & Lamb was started by Rosanna von Zweigbergk when she moved from New York to London and observed a lack of vegan go-to restaurants in London compared to New York.

The restaurants are well known (and loved) for their vegan takes on familiar comfort food. Their Vegan Mac n Cheese is a runaway hit and trust us when we say this – it’s like taking a time-machine back to your childhood. Minus the dairy.

We love their plant-based burgers too and the amazing fresh ingredients they use in their salads and soups.


Farmacy, Notting Hill

Farmacy is a unique joint offering seasonal plant-based food options that are organically grown inhouse or locally sourced. Pioneers of the farm-to-restaurant concept in the vegan space, Farmacy focuses on nutritionally rich and sustainable food.

We assure you that a meal here will have you feeling that you’ve just had a delicious detox meal. This organic spot is an absolute must-visit!


Unity Diner, Spitalfields

Unity Diner is a non-profit restaurant that aims to create a kind and compassionate future for all animals. The eatery is well known for its ‘fish’ burgers and ‘wings’ – all perfectly crafted plant-based versions of their non-vegetarian counter-parts.

Everything within this joint is 100% biodegradable – from its straws to its coffee cups. Even their staff uniforms are ethically produced and use chemical-free vegan ink! The place is dog-friendly and offers free vegan treats to your pet! (Did we mention just how much we love these guys?)

A meal here means money well spent – at the right place. You’re bound to leave feeling good apart from feeling well-fed and super-full!


The Vurger Co, Shoreditch and Canary Wharf

The Vurger Co. has an amazing backstory. It started off as a stall back in 2016. It was an instant hit and it slowly grew from a stall to a one-off event to regular pop-ups to finally a complete restaurant! Their first eatery was crowd-funded which speaks volumes about the brand and the love it generates from its patrons.


Today, the Vurger Co. has 4 locations across the UK and is the first 100% fast food restaurant. Their vegan burgers, shakes and plant-based chicken are truly one-of-a-kind and we just can’t get enough of their yum takeaways! We’re rooting for this vegan juggernaut from humble origins to go from strength to strength!


Rudy’s Vegan Diner, Camden and Islington

No list about vegan restaurants in London can be complete without Rudy’s Vegan Diner. The Londonist conferred upon them the title of the ‘Undisputed Kings’ of the vegan scene in London! And with their delectable American-inspired Diner dishes and scrumptious cruelty free vegan meats at their Butcher, Rudy’s is definitely a place that cannot be missed for an undeniably epic vegan dining experience.

Rudy’s launched the world’s first Vegan Butcher in 2020 and we don’t need to tell you just how big a hit it has been. If you haven’t already, head to Rudy’s ASAP and try their overloaded hot-dogs, super-cheesy fries, pastrami sandwiches and massive (and messy) burgers. All of this… at a vegan restaurant!

The next time you’re craving a Vegan meal in London, do give these eateries a shot! We’re sure you’ll love them! Sharing this list with your Vegan friends is definitely going to earn you some plant-based-brownie points with each of them!

If you’re looking for Vegan options at home, download Gaston now and enter in your dietary preferences. Gaston finds the best meal-options around you and delivers them to your doorstep!



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