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Chocolate- the Ideal Sensory Pleasure

Chocolate- the Ideal Sensory Pleasure

Are you compulsively craving and consuming chocolate? You might be a chocoholic. Yes. It is a thing. The word chocoholic was first used in the year 1968. It is a word made with the combination of alcohol and chocolate. The term was humorously used to describe an individual too fond of chocolate. The psychoactive ingredients of chocolate are responsible for that ‘feel-good’ factor, contributing to those midnight chocolate cravings. 

Chocolate addiction- A reality 

 So, chocolate addiction is real. Even though still controversial, the concept of chocolate, incredibly dark chocolate, is known to affect mood. Chocolate confectionaries perpetually being on the top of the list of foods that people crave is another piece of evidence. These cravings can be so intense that, in some cases, people can also experience withdrawal symptoms if the desire is not fulfilled. 

We know this can be too much to take, but we only mean to support chocolate a little more here. 

The factors contributing to the addiction 

Two main factors contribute to this extraordinarily addictive nature of chocolate. The first one being the pharmacological ingredients and the second being the additives. The two main components of addiction are craving that intensifies and losing control over its consumption. These components are fundamental in relation to food, especially food with both sugar and fats, in this case, chocolate. 

Why is it one of the most craved foods? 

Chocolate is now often used to study addiction to food items, wherein even the scientists who still doubt the existence of a thing like addiction find chocolate craving to be genuine. Now, why is chocolate one of the most craved foods? There can be several reasons for the same. 

The combination of the creaminess, the smoothness and the sweetness in terms of the smell and the taste makes chocolate “the ideal sensory pleasure”. The consumption of chocolate creates a sense of comfort and positive emotional experience and ultimately alleviates stress and negativity, another reason why it is such a comfort food. 

The opposite of stress is desserts, made of chocolate, and now we know why. 


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