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Digitalization of Food & Beverage Industry

Digitalization of Food & Beverage Industry

Digitalization has changed everything: the way we connect, the way we travel, the way we buy things, the way we order food, and how we manufacture products from cars to soft drinks to ice cream. 

Digitalization is changing business models every day, and the food & beverage companies must capitalize on this trend. Companies should realize the importance of the data they are producing and position themselves to analyze this data to drive faster, better & more effective decisions. 

So How Can You Get Started With Digitalization?

Digitalization can be overwhelming, but it shouldn’t be, especially for the food & beverage sector, because it is already leveraging digital solutions along the value chain today. First, the digitalization program must be implemented strategically with business-driven KPIs for success. Next is focusing on which parts of the enterprise to go after first. 

For digitalization to impart real change in a company, it must be viewed as more than another way to increase efficiency. Digitalization must be launched strategically, supported entirely by all stakeholders, and viewed as an upgrade to the entire business model. 

Unlocking Unlimited Potential for Consumer-Products Companies

Increased challenges in the F&B industry are paving the way for the digitalization of what enterprises need to do to stay competitive in the marketplace. High demands for personalization and one-day delivery require enterprises to operate in new and innovative ways and at light speed. F&B companies must work on a global scale while maintaining flexibility, speed, quality, and innovation at the same time.

Hidden Data Limits Productivity And Innovation 

Not many F&B companies follow a standard data structure for information used in the different phases of design and manufacturing. Therefore, the most valuable insights are often difficult to share within a project or transfer to other projects, thereby limiting the reuse of critical information and causing replication of work already done. Single data items can be re-entered multiple times across different systems in the value chain, creating dozens of opportunities for mistakes, not to mention wasted productivity.

From Digital To Digitalization – Unlock Your Data And Productivity

The good news for you is that all the data you need to enhance your productivity, customer value, and innovation is already available inside your company. You need a common software platform that combines your data silos into actionable insights that can be reused multiple times. This software is known as PLM software, and many enterprises are already using it to establish a digital enterprise backbone.

F&B companies can now digitize their entire product lines and processes into a single collaborative environment. Rather than relying upon data silos, companies can directly connect their systems via a single PLM software.

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