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Enhance Your Coffee Experience With the Right Food Pairing

Enhance Your Coffee Experience With the Right Food Pairing

From the time of breakfast to dessert, coffee is an enticing drink to relish with food. Here are some classic food and coffee pairings that can be easily enjoyed at your homes, at coffee shops and at your favorite restaurants. 

Fruits and Coffee

Coffee and fresh fruits offer a light pairing option. It is important to not overdo the sour tones in the kind of pairing you select. 

Berries- Haitian and Kenyan coffees are the best kind of coffees to pair with berries. Also, the Jamaican and Yemeni coffees go even better with blueberries.

Can’t wait to try? We have more for you. 

Fruit tarts- Try your favorite fruit tarts with medium to dark roasted Costa-Rican and Brazilian coffees. 

The absolutely beautiful pair- Chocolate and coffee

Let us tell you this, you surely want to consider pairing your afternoon with chocolate for an afternoon coffee delight. While a regular cup is also delicious, this pairing makes it even more worthwhile.

Full-bodies from Indonesia pair in a beautiful way with brownies made of dark chocolate. 

Dark chocolate in itself is paired with dark-roast coffees or the Indonesian, Brazilian and Ethiopian coffees.

Coffee and baked goods 

Whether you bake the goods yourself or stop by your favorite bakery shops in town, these goods are a little better with a cup of coffee. 

Try pairing unadorned coffees with croissants, we know you’ll love it!

Are you a doughnut lover? Well, who isn’t? 

Different types of coffees pair well with different types of doughnuts. 

Many doughnut and coffee lovers swear by sugar and milk with pretty much any and every type of coffee and doughnut. Costa Rican coffee pairs especially well with doughnuts.

Breakfast Food Pairings

Enjoying breakfast with a cup of coffee is natural for so many people. Yet, have you ever thought of exploring different coffees with your favorite breakfast?

Try something new today and it may even end up being on the top of your favorites list.

A medium or light roast Costa Rican coffee and even Brazilian coffees are great with grainy and simple breakfasts such as cereals and toast.

Bacon and Eggs or sausage- This American breakfast is a great combo with mediumly roasted Costa Rican coffee.

Omelets- Coffees from Indonesia, Java can very finely handle the flavors of brunch foods like omelets. 

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