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Ever starved in an airport? Or worse, in a far away land? Starve no more! Follow these tips for the travelling vegan foodie!

Ever starved in an airport? Or worse, in a far away land? Starve no more! Follow these tips for the travelling vegan foodie!

Hey Vegan foodie traveller! 

Aren’t you sick of getting blackballed (every time you bust a gut to join the dining club)? It’s always been preparing your eating plans even before the travel plans (tbh..!). And there’s nothing worse than getting stuck somewhere you planned on a vacation with a ‘no food’ choice. Occasionally, you may get artistic and innovative with modest means if you’re jammy. But it’s a basic need to keep yourself nourished and full to have a peaceful outing. Behind every enjoyable trip, there are sleepless nights of planning and preparation that no non-vegans acknowledge. And…, it’s not enough to keep the wolf from the door; you need your master plan ready. So here we go, read on the tips to travel stress-free. From this day on, don’t fall back on refined sugar, white flour, or fried junks; all of these can sap you of energy and life.

Research about the travel destination before you go.

The last thing you want is to be left hungry, grumpy, worn out, and frustrated because you got laid-back to plan everything out before or maybe you were too quick to plan the perfect outing you always wished for. If you prefer not to carry your food bag along, you have to make sure you’ll have the right places to eat or go for a quick bite. You have to gamble with your psyche against all odds. Yes, you’re thinking right, you have to believe in all those organic restaurants, farmers’ markets, and health food stores you locate on the internet. Lotsa luck!

Discover the local cuisine and try local vegan dishes

A little research about the place you’re stopping over does no harm; you never know what help you can be to yourself on getting stuck. To learn about the cooking customs and two or three local phrases can be handy in situations when you’ll need to wish ‘safe travels’ to yourself. While the common ones help you navigate almost all situations, you should know the local words for the ingredients you want to head off, for instance, butter, eggs, milk, and other mixes. Not all local dishes and cuisines will be vegetarian. Just when you think you have everything figured out in life and can identify plant-based food, surprisingly, some nations use animal products in dishes. This can make sticking to a plant-based regime a bit difficult. For instance, in Japan, most feasts have a fish broth called “dashi” which may be confusing if you’re not familiar with the term and if the server fails to inform you before ordering. 

You may have your own opinion and reason to adopt a plant-based diet; whether it’s empathy towards animal cruelty, a healthy lifestyle, or environmental concerns, travelling doesn’t mean you have to bargain on your values and principles. Vegan travel is no alien task or goal anymore. You just need to add on a few tips and habits every time you travel. Have a plain-sailing journey!

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