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Food Psychology: How to Trick Your Palate Into a Tastier Meal

Food Psychology: How to Trick Your Palate Into a Tastier Meal

Is your food cosmos brimming with blue funk and guilt or a state of bliss and balance? 

Let’s make this question simpler. 

What is your definition of a perfect meal? The majority of you might think of your favourite dish or special food or flavour that can’t slip from your memory. But is this what you sincerely love and understand about what makes a perfect meal? Apparently, for some, when we can’t chymify our feelings and emotions, we often resort to food (Our saviour!), and that feels like perfect timing, perfect food, and perfect ambience. The “perfect meal” holds different meanings and significance according to everyone’s frame of thinking. But there is congruence in people’s choices, like folks savour the same course more when it has a detailed and extensive name. 

From the outset of life, straight from the womb, humans strongly correlate with food and well-being. But how does a few psychological antics turn the whole game around? Let’s explore how and in what ways simple psychological tricks affect how we experience our food and drinks. 

The art of plating: Enhancing the aesthetic appeal to the diner when served.

A beautifully looking plate can grab your attention and make you feel revitalised within a couple of minutes rather than something just plonked on the plate. It’s a shared sense for every regular guy. Besides, the shape, size, and colour of the crockery can have a lasting impact on your taste as well. Typically round, shaped plates in white intensify sweet flavours in food, while black angular ones bring salty and spicy qualities to the food. And red plates just carry off your appetite. 

In the right lighting setting, at the right time, every little thing and taste is extraordinary.

The shades and hue of the light settings in your dining area can also take hold of how your food looks, which greatly dictates how you look at the food that is served on your plate. There are instances where it is observed that folks who are addicted to strong coffee have a tendency to consume more of it under blazing light; however light coffee lovers knock back more under soft light.

Music brings life to the food we eat.

Coupling music with food is an art and a blessing of science. Have you heard of “The Fat Duck” and “Sound of the Sea” where an iPod tag along with the seafood platter to make the diner tune in the sound of the ocean as they dine? Spellbinding how gastro-musical pairings work- exploring taste with sound!

Let’s experiment and create our every day fresh food stories with these tips and tricks. This blog is written by the Gaston team. Whether you crave local food delivery at your doorstep or ready to cook meals service in London, you can order your choice of food by setting up your dietary profile on our online food delivery application. 

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