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How Is ‘personalised’ Nutrition Shaping the Food Industry?

How Is ‘personalised’ Nutrition Shaping the Food Industry?

Self-measurement will be important in personalized nutrition, as most people want to be more independent and in control.”- Mike Bloem

The very essence of personalized nutrition is not to change the existent nutritional guidelines, nor to completely personalize the food products, nor to turn food into medicine. It is about assisting individuals in achieving a sustainable behavioural change that is most beneficial for one’s health.

Personalized nutrition is beneficial for all, for individuals who are perfectly healthy and the ones that are not feeling their best selves. It is an approach that helps you achieve the health state that you have aspired to achieve. Personalized nutrition makes better dietary suggestions more relevant to one’s daily life routine.

Personalized dietary profiles replacing the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach

Even though the functional food markets have witnessed significant growth in the recent few years, the evolution of the entire concept of personalized nutrition has replaced the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

A personalized diet or a dietary profile helps you meet your nutritional requirements that ultimately help achieve your personal wellness goals.

The ever-increasing demand for leading healthy lifestyles, making conscious food choices and preventive healthcare coupled with personalization in food is leading to the increased uptake of personalized nutrition amongst individuals.

What triggers the personalization of nutrition?

A personalized dietary profile is a buzzword that is creating waves like never before, spreading globally and transcending boundaries. Even businesses today run by extracting personal data from customers.

Considering the health perspective, nutrition is certainly not going to lag behind in the era of customization and is catching up really quickly in the personalization game. External factors that drive personalized diets or nutrition include the growing demand for a customized experience in each and every sphere of life.

A personalized diet profile is like a milestone in the journey towards good health, improved living style and happier experiences when it comes to food, be it home-cooked meals or dining out.


Personalized dietary profiles will change the way our society views food and its role in health. This blog is written by the Gaston team. Order your choice of ingredients, cuisine and food based on your dietary preferences and set up a dietary profile for yourself. Go Gaston!


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