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Importance of Food in a Social Landscape

Importance of Food in a Social Landscape

Relaxing Over Brunch or a Fancy Dinner: Importance of Food in a Social Landscape

What is the most common theme of every social event? Be it a party, a wedding, a birthday, an office gets together or just friends and family together? It is indeed food.

In fact, the focus of society on food has us associating foods with important days, festivities, holidays and all special times.

Sinking our teeth into such food only brings back great memories and takes us back to the good times.

Food is more powerful than we know!

Importance of food in a social landscape

From catching up for coffee to relaxing over brunch or indulging in long lunches, it is really hard to imagine getting through these events without the company of food.

Food is something everybody has in common, something that we all eat and most of us find pleasurable to go and try new food at cafes, and restaurants.

Food is like an experience that we share with others and is therefore so important in a social landscape.

The benefits of socialising over food

Socialising over food has a number of benefits (some that we are sure you did not know about). Here are some of these benefits-

Prevents eating in a stressed state and on the go.

Promotes mindful eating with proven benefits for physical and mental health.

Instils a feeling of contentment and relaxation

Helps open up to an experience, outside of our comfort zones

Helps bond with people on events

The improvements in both emotional and physical health from socialising around food can in no way be underestimated. 

Cultures that base dining together for meals around bonding with the close community or family and friends through meals that are relished and leisurely shared have been studied for reduced incidence of disease and longevity of life.  

Eating in this fashion i.e., socialising over food on a regular basis helps build a mindset wherein food is there to be relished, shared and enjoyed, to promote better wellbeing and better relationships.  


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