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Is the future of fine dining VEGAN?

Is the future of fine dining VEGAN?

Mega-trends do not need to be predicted, they are already here.” These trends are representative of change, an impactful change that will continue to be there for years to come. Plant based food and veganism is a trend that is undoubtedly here to stay.

Veganism isn’t just a mega-trend, it is a turbo trend. What does this really imply?

The transition to plant-based dining

The number of people who identify as a vegan has increased by a massive 1600% in the past 8 years. Also, 60 per cent of all vegans are between the ages of 20 to 39. This means that veganism has a promising future and is here to stay in the world of gastronomy. The transition to plant-based dining has been gathering immense strength over the last decade. However, it took a pandemic for the world of fine dining to cross the Rubicon.

Caviar was celebrated as a luxury ingredient, however, there is nothing so luxurious about caviar anymore. It is actually the opposite. It is flown in from far, it is farm-raised, it is not rare at all and doesn’t even taste good like it once did. It’s an old idea we are holding to and a big reason why there is a prominent shift towards a cleaner, plant based diet.

The most humble ingredient of all vegetables!

So, no more caviar and duck on the menu but more cucumber with melon and zucchini with marinated tofu, lemongrass and much more. It is also important to bring about a change in our eating habits and transition to vegetables, present at the centre of the plate. The plant-based movement has been here for the longest time, and now the fact that a greater number of people are shifting to a vegan diet, it is becoming the future of fine dining. As a greater number of consumers ditch animal-based diets, high-end restaurants are looking to further capitalise on this culinary trend.

Especially in Europe, there has been a revolution in the restaurant scene. The old traditions of having wine with starched food are being replaced by avant-garde cocktail menus and ‘bowl-food’. Astonishingly, dairy, eggs, fish and meat have disappeared from menus altogether and have been replaced by the most humble ingredient of all ‘ vegetables’.


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