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March’s Healthiest Holiday: National Nutrition Month ’22

March’s Healthiest Holiday: National Nutrition Month ’22

National Nutrition Month is the time when we must take a step back, evaluate our eating habits and ask ourselves more questions than we have been.

Self-talk is important, even when it comes to nutritional health. 

‘Is there something I have done today that is healthier for me?’

National Nutrition Month takes place in the month of March and in this blog, we will discuss important things that one should know about this special month. The focus of this month is on education and awareness amongst people to make healthier, improved health choices and develop eating habits driven by overall wellness. 

Looking to get involved in this special holiday month? Here are simple steps to make healthier lifestyle changes.

Cook fresh meals at home and from scratch

A simple but effective change. 

Cook for yourself at home, which also allows you to control the ingredients that go into your meals, and it can actually prove to be a therapeutic activity for both friends and family. 

We all lead more busy lives today than ever before, which makes it even more tempting to get a quick takeaway of our favorite food or simply microwave meals that are ready to cook meals

However, developing a relationship with food can prove to be one of the most powerful relationships!

Take part in this year’s theme of ‘Celebrating a World of Flavors’ and prepare yourself to cook from scratch. While cooking, try to incorporate new and alternative ingredients from different countries in the everyday, simple classics.

Control the portion size of the meals
The right meal portion size is another way to eat right. We have all experienced this, eating more than we realize because we do not pay attention to how much we are actually eating. Being mindful of the meal portion sizes makes sure that we are not eating more than we should. 

Understand what you put into your body! It’s a key piece of knowledge to unlock a better control over our health. 

Meal Planning for consistently healthy eating

Prepping for your meals beforehand is another great way to stay consistent with healthy eating. This way, you know what you will be eating throughout the day, you gather some time to understand whether or not it is the healthiest choice you are making and what you can do to eat better in the upcoming days. 


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