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Meal Planning vs. Meal Kits

Meal Planning vs. Meal Kits

Whether you’re choosing meal planning or meal kits, you want to give you and your loved ones healthy, delicious meals that don’t take a long time to prepare. With the numerous meal planning and delivery services available these days, it can be a challenge to know which one is the best fit.

Meal Kits Give You Specific Portions

If you’re trying to figure out if meal kits are worth it, this may be something to consider: meal kits offer you precise ingredients and portions so you don’t feel like your over-buying and wasting food.

Meal kits can provide a great way to date different ingredients without feeling like you have to settle down with one you bought and don’t like. You always know you have just enough.

On the downside, you still have to purchase other ingredients to cover additional meals on top of the cost of meal kits. That may get costly over time, especially if you’re also budgeting for meals out.

Time Commitment

Your time is valuable. If you’ve got a busy schedule and multiple people to feed, you likely want a meal solution that frees up as much time as possible to do other important tasks, like spending quality time with loved ones. So, which meal option works best for your lifestyle?

Meal Kit Portions Make Prep Quick and Easy

Most Meal Kit Delivery services will contact you a week or so before delivery and ask you to select a variety of meals from their offering, either by listing the main ingredient (“chicken,” “salmon.” “tofu”) or using the name of the dish (“Moroccan Lamb with Couscous” or “Spinach and Feta Flatbread”).

This can help you quickly select your meals for the week by simply using a list with a handy description and mouth watering photo. Just like that, your decision-making is complete. There’s no mid-week “What should we make?!” panic and no worrying about if you have the right goat cheese to make that pizza. This kind of convenience may be a real draw if you don’t have time to come up with new recipes.

While picking meals may be quick and easy, the drawback is that you’re only given what you need to make exactly what the company has prescribed. There’s not much wiggle room for creativity or last-minute cravings. Plus, if you want to skip a week or your schedule doesn’t allow for cooking, you’re out of luck. This can tack on extra time in planning outside of your meal kits.

Meal Planning Fits Your Busy Schedule

When you’re creating a meal plan, you can control how much time and what kinds of meals you want to see on your plate (and how long they take). You choose when to shop and how you want to prep your meals, whether that means one meal a day or batch cooking several ingredients all at once.

The time investment you make in planning and shopping can help you save time later in the week.

With meal planning, you don’t just get dinner, but the ability to plan for the whole day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, too.

Meal planning itself can be time-consuming if you’re scrolling through Pinterest or flipping through a cookbook for things to make each week. This is where a meal planning service may help you save time, while still allowing you to have control over personalising recipes and ingredients.

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