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Nutritional Psychiatry: Your Brain & Food

Nutritional Psychiatry: Your Brain & Food

Give It a Thought! Your Brain Is Always in Work Mode. It Takes Care of Your Movements, Thoughts, the Breathing Pattern, Heartbeat and Senses. It Works 24×7, Even When You Are Asleep. This Also Means That Your Body Requires a Supply of Fuel Consistently. The Fuel Comes From Food That We Choose to Eat and What’s in It That Makes All the Difference. In Simple Terms, What You Choose to Eat Has a Direct Impact on the Structure and Function of the Brain and Your Mood. Diets That Are High in Refined Sugars, for Example, Are Harmful for Your Brain.
In Addition to Worsening the Way in Which the Body Regulates Insulin Levels, Such Diets Not Only Promote High Inflammation in the Body but Also Oxidative Stress. Multiple Researchers Have Suggested the Correlation Between a Diet That Is High in Refined Sugars and an Impaired Function of the Brain, Followed by Worsening Symptoms of Mood Disorders.
So, in Case You Are Experiencing a Whole Lot of Mood Changes Lately, Don’t Feel Guilty to Blame It on Those Sugars!
A Sigh of Relief!
The Dynamically Growing Field of Nutritional Psychiatry Is Finding a Number of Correlations and Consequences Between Not Just What You Eat but Also How You Feel and the Way in Which You Behave, but Most Importantly the Kind of Bacteria That Lives in Your Gut.
Studies Have Been Comparing Traditional Diets for Example, a Mediterranean Diet to Western Diets, Showing a Comparatively Lower Risk of Depression in the Ones Who Eat a Traditional Diet Because These Diets Are Void of Food Items That Are Processed and Refined as Opposed to Being Staples of Western Diets.
Also, This May Sound Implausible but the Notion That Good Bacteria Not Only Influence the Digestion and Absorption That the Gut Performs but Also Have an Effect on the Inflammation Prevailing Throughout Your Body, Your Mood and Your Energy Level, Is Also Gaining Traction Amongst Researchers Globally.
Start Paying Attention to the Way in Which Different Foods Make You Feel and Start Eating Clean.
A ‘clean’ Diet Consistently Followed for About 2-3 Weeks Means Cutting Out on All the Processed Sugars and Food and We Can Guarantee You a Change in the Way You Feel. You Will Feel Better Both Physically and Emotionally.
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