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Plant Milk Alternatives for Vegans: 5 Things You Need to Know

Plant Milk Alternatives for Vegans: 5 Things You Need to Know

About a generation ago, there were no options available for people who wanted to avoid milk. Soymilk, for example, is readily available in stores these days. Things have changed dramatically, wherein, it is now extremely easy to find milk beverages made from all types of plant sources inclusive of grains, seeds and nuts. In general, a number of plant-based milk are amazing alternatives to cow milk, especially for people intolerant to milk or animal-based products.

So, how many types of plant milk are available? The answer is endless!

1. Soy milk

It is creamy, thick and rich milk that creates a beautifully airy microfoam better than any other plant milk available on the market.

It especially tastes amazing with your everyday lattes, give it a try and you’ll know!

2. Almond milk

Almond milk is plant milk that started to gain momentum in the 2010s. It has now become as accessible as soy milk and is available in almost every coffee shop and grocery store. Most people today caught on to its extremely creamy yet light texture. Its neutral taste makes it a suitable choice for savoury and sweet applications, it also tastes absolutely delicious on its own or even in a carton (no judgements here!)

3. Coconut milk

Before you reach for coconut milk, we have a little pro tip for you. Coconut milk is of two types, one that comes in a bottle or a carton and the other that comes in the form of a concentrated liquid. For your favourite morning cereal, coffee and smoothies, reach out for the coconut milk available in bottles.

It is a light, refreshing and healthy plant milk with just a simple hint of coconut water.

4. Oat milk

“Oat milk is the new almond milk” and we mean it when we say this.

Popularized in the United States, by a brand of a Swedish origin, Oatly, this luxurious and creamy plant milk gained its cult following by being extremely common in the third-wave coffee shops.

It is now a delicious beverage sold by a number of brands in grocery stores across nation.

We like to call this milk the boss of all plant milk, fortified with essential nutrients and taste that you can’t say no to.


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