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Say Hi to a Flexitarian Diet – a Vegan Diet With Meaty Benefits

Say Hi to a Flexitarian Diet – a Vegan Diet With Meaty Benefits

Aren’t most of us inspired in switching to an extreme or restricted diet by the thought of fitting into our favourite jeans? For a little while, extreme diets can succour in making a noticeable change, but it’s ten to one that you feel listless, moody, sickening and sore. After some time, it becomes a health concern that can set you up to ‘bounce back’ to your prior or pre-diet weight, commonly known as rebound weight gain. So what are you left with? Changes in the body when you ditch carbs, live on liquid diets, or do out of calories that your body needs… Needless to say, you need a more sustainable healthy eating plan. A wise move will be to exit from the restrictive diet and say hi to a flexitarian diet. Eat food, mostly vegan, but don’t miss the meaty benefits your body entreats. Isn’t this a stirring deal? Dash ahead and skim through the amazing 101 guides to being a flexitarian.

What is a flexitarian diet?

Flexible + Vegetarian = Flexitarian diet. 

The American dietician and media personality Dawn Jackson Blatner introduced this portmanteau of terms to promote and popularise the shift to a vegan diet while still relishing meat within a certain limit. 

The goal is less meat, more plants. 

If you’re struggling with the yo-yo diet or effect, a flexitarian diet is the best choice to go for. Your cyclical loss or gain of weight will be in control to a great extent. The best part is there are no rules or standards that you need to follow or think before swearing to switch to this diet plan except:

  • Largely eating vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes.
  • Trying to obtain your protein intake mostly from plants rather than animals.
  • Take in meat products occasionally.
  • Eschew prepacked food and restrict your sugar intake.

A better choice would be to go for healthy meats in your food plans such as chicken (especially the lean breast), eggs and fish like tuna, salmon and sardines and avoid red meats, processed meats like a banger, bacon, and salami. You can gradually reduce the consumption of meat, and to be on the safe side, you can check with your nutritionist to ensure that you’re meeting the required nutritional needs. 

Although animal protein keeps you full and satisfied for longer hours, the flexitarian diet helps boost gut immunity and comprehensive weight management. Stand strong in a world full of restricted and extreme diets!

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