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This Summer, Say Yes to Food That Keeps You Cool

This Summer, Say Yes to Food That Keeps You Cool

Summers are almost here and people are constantly hydrating and looking for cold treats in order to beat the scorching heat. However, in summers, we all get to enjoy nature’s abundance, with access to the best of seasonal fruits and fresh veggies inclusive of the absolutely tantalizing berries, melons and mangoes.

Who hasn’t seen the produce section in the supermarkets overflowing with all sorts of fresh produce?

If you are the one to opt for organic choices, this season may be just the right time for you to find products with no chemicals and additives.

Pro tip: Every time you crave something cool, go for a glass of fresh juice instead of packaged beverages.

Here are some absolutely refreshing foods that help you cut down on your daily quota of calories while beating the summer heat.

Iced tea and iced coffee

There is nothing as refreshing as a simple cup of coffee with head cups of ice to kick start a morning or an iced tea that can go a long way on a sunny day.

A recent study shows that a cup of coffee a day helps reduce the risk of non-melanoma cancer by about 10 per cent.

Homemade iced tea helps reduce the risk of diabetes and Alzheimer’s as it is full of antioxidants such as flavonoids. A squirt of lemon juice in the iced tea helps preserve the antioxidants, making it a perfect drink for the summers.


Who can get through the summers without that watermelon sugar rush? Practically, no one.

Dehydration is common during the summers, muskmelons and watermelons are so high in water content that it helps regulate the body temperature. Staying hydrated helps with that clear skin glow too!


If you don’t believe in counting calories, mangoes are the perfect summer treat. The high iron content in mangoes can help people increase the calcium content in their bodies. As a summer fruit, it is very refreshing and can help prevent heat strokes. It is also high in vitamins C and A which help build the immune system. Mango ice cream made with almond milk also provides a delicious summer treat without the worry of extra sugar calories and is totally vegan friendly.

Don’t believe in counting calories? We have a perfect summer treat for you

Mangoes are high in iron content, extremely refreshing and also prevent heat strokes. It is high in vitamin A and C and can be consumed in the form of an absolutely delectable mango shake or raw.


The number of health benefits associated with replacing a normal meal with a salad is endless. From sprouts to lettuce to kale, all the leafy greens are rich in carotenoids which our bodies convert into vitamin A.

This not only helps with dry skin problems but also strengthens the skin defence against the UV rays of the sun.

The best thing about a salad is that it can be mixed with literally anything from fruits to fish to dry fruits and it still tastes amazing.


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