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Top 5 Reasons to Eat Locally Grown Food

Top 5 Reasons to Eat Locally Grown Food

Have you ever got a chance to read Michael Pollan’s book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma? This groundbreaking book has made us all think about “what’s for dinner today?”. Should we go for junk food- hamburgers or something fresh and organic? Or maybe something we hunt, foregather, and cultivate ourselves? Don’t worry if you haven’t read this book; you have still landed in the right place. 

Let’s understand the denouement of the food choices we make on our health and life, from how it is made, from where it is coming to how it got on our plates. Moral and environmental consequences of our food choices have also pressed mankind towards local and organic eating. At present, locally grown food is in great demand, and the world is starting to understand the significance of local food. You’ll fall in love with local food after reading these 10 prime reasons, so make sure to run your eyes over. 

  1. Fresh, fresh, and only fresh is what locally grown food is made up of.

Omm Nomm, Nomm Nomm..!

Fresh food always tastes better, delicious, and you’ll want to have more. But with commercial produce, the challenge is that they go through a long process before coming onto our plates. They are harvested ahead of being fully ripened. Then, it gets washed, packed, arranged, placed on the transporting vehicle and kept in the warehouse before delivering to the grocery store. By the time the food gets on the plate, it has already lost some nutrient content.

2.  Shop local, eat local, and support your local farmers.

What makes the local farmers market a special place? Sadly, peasant farmers are often economically deprived and take up alternative means to make ends meet. Buying local food helps farmers earn their minimum wage and creates local job opportunities for labourers who work at other’s farms.

 3. A safer option. 

When you get to buy food and ingredients straight from your farmer or farmer’s market who you meet on a daily basis or know in person, it’s a safe option. You trust the quality; you know where your food comes from, how it was grown, what agricultural practices were used. In short, you have authentic knowledge about the food you’re taking in your body. Besides, when your food travels short, and the journey from farm to plate ends up in a few stages, your food is likely to become less vitiated. 

4. It reduces agricultural waste.

Commercial produce goes through many stages before reaching our plates, including processing, storing, and allocating, resulting in waste creation in transit, which ultimately gets disposed of. But when buying locally, there is less scope for food to get spoiled. 

5. It’s seasonal 

The joy and happiness of eating seasonal food come from the freshness and variety of choices we have in our food. We live in cadence and harmony with nature by consuming seasonally available meals. The farmer’s market often keeps seasonal and fresh locally grown foods and is more nutritious and tastier once you develop likeness towards the local taste on your taste buds. 

These prime five reasons will surely inspire you to “go local” and think about local food delivery options to develop healthy eating habits. Saving local farms helps safeguard our country’s open spaces, which is seen plummeting swiftly as residential spread grows.

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