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Why you need to switch to a Mediterranean diet

Why you need to switch to a Mediterranean diet

When we think about Mediterranean food, our minds automatically think of pasta and pizzas from Italy or the famous and delectable lamb chops from Greece. These dishes, however, don’t fit into the dimensions of a healthy diet, referred to as the Mediterranean.

The true Mediterranean diet

A ‘true Mediterranean diet’ as we call it is based on the region’s traditional dairy, olive oil, seafood, nuts, beans, vegetables and fruits, with maybe a glass of red wine or maybe two. This is how the inhabitants of Southern Italy, Greece and Crete ate circa 1960 when the rate of disease amongst them was the lowest and life expectancy, among the highest.

A healthy diet is indeed your best shot at a healthy you, and a Mediterranean diet is like a cherry on top!

The real Mediterranean diet has more to it than simply eating fresh and wholesome food. This accompanied by sharing of meals and daily physical activity are vital elements that can have a profound effect on one’s mood and mental and physical health.

A 3 in 1 kind of diet

It is pretty obvious that making changes to diet is rarely an easy task, especially if you are looking to move away from processed or takeout foods.

The Mediterranean diet is, however, a 3 in 1 kind of diet that is inexpensive, satisfying and a very healthy diet, all at the same time. We get it, the switch from pasta and pepperoni to avocado and fish takes time and effort but once you start, consider yourself on the path to a longer and healthier life.

Make that quick start with a Mediterranean diet real quick!

Start with small steps. Here are some ways to make a quick start to a Mediterranean diet.

Choosing olive oil over butter

Enjoying a salad, full of vegetables and fruits as a starter or as a side dish

Choosing whole grains over pasta, rice and bread

Substituting fish for red meat, at least once or twice each week

Limiting a high-dairy diet


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