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Are you a foodie? How much of a foodie are you? Take this foodie test and discover who you really are before calling yourself a foodie.

Are you a foodie? How much of a foodie are you? Take this foodie test and discover who you really are before calling yourself a foodie.

When people ask: “What do you do?”

Do you say, “Whatever it takes to be a foodie!” 

Let’s find out if you need to dope out plans to raise the bar of what is worthy of the title of ‘Foodie’. Because let’s be honest, folks are swearing to be a foodie, left, right and centre, with this title drawing quite a buzz for more than a decade. You may love to spend time in the kitchen, watch cooking shows, follow food pages on the gram – these are a quality treat for the eyes, but wait, does this qualify you to become a foodie? Try this, if someone wants your recommendation on the best sushi restaurant in London, they don’t want to hear names that you randomly tried and not explored heavy-handed. 

So.. who’s a foodie? How do you define a foodie?

A foodie is definitely not a gastronome but much more than having a fanatic and a refined taste in food. Foodies cannot resist visiting new eating houses, food corners over going to large food chain restaurants and are always with bated breath to share their opinions. All foodies build connections with the culinary artist and kitchen assistants to know their ways of working and the style or methods of different eateries. They are always keen to know about the quality, the source of ingredients, the variety of condiments preferred while cooking, and the Chef’s favourite ingredients

Ready for the food test? If these things look familiar, you’re undoubtedly a foodie!

  • Your “best of” list has more than five options. Woah! Good going, pal!
  • You opt for your next visit to an eating place or convenience store based on the opinions and preferences of classical chefs and critics. A real foodie will keep an eye on the renowned chef’s taste, favourite recipe, cooking ideas and tips, best-loved recipes and dishes of an eating place. Apart from knowing the best from the best, you can bump into them thereby. Isn’t this a great deal?
  • You live by the rule “Quality over Quantity”. Food should look good, smell good, and taste good. But this doesn’t stand for valuing quality deprived food. TBH, do you think all the restaurants do as they say? Let the foodie in you decide for this. 
  • When it comes to sustainability and consuming fresh food, a foodie cannot ignore locally grown food and supporting them by dint of “whatever it takes” (situations like these may sound overdramatic, but you see, being a foodie is all about emotionally connecting with food, through food and by food!)
  • You can effortlessly apprise which items are cooked fresh and which ones are stored or stockpiled in the ice chest. In and out, kudos, you know more about half the population eating in that place!

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